Planetary Trail

How big are the distances between the planets an in our solar system? Do the stay the same? Do they vary periodically or even permanently? How long do you have to travel to reach the edge of the solar system?

You will find answers to these questions and many more on our planetary trail “Reutte unter den Sternen“. Spend an hour or two and discover what lies beyond earths atmosphere. Gather new knowledge about planets, moons and asteroids on every board. Where do you find water? Where can you mine resources? And where can we even find new lifeforms in our own solar system?

On this interactive trail we want to show you the vast distances that open up between the planets. You can finish the trail in half an hour if you are walking fast. According to the scale of the planetary trail, which is 1:2.550.000.000 by the way, you would move at 8 times the speed of light in reality. Models of the planets are also shown on the trail.

There is also a quiz page for kids to this trail available at the tourist information center. Help the spacefaring mice to navigate the solar system! Get the quiz page, figure out the solution word and have a good time on our planetary trail in Reutte!

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